Nashville Spoilers: Showrunner Previews Rayna & Deacon’s Relationship; Juliette’s Mommy Issues & More

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March 26, 2013

nashvilleBuddy TV shared their exclusive interview with Nashville showrunner, Dee Johnson on the recent Paleyfest event. On their chat, the EP spilled some beans about what’s ahead for our favorite characters on the freshman musical soap. Nashville returns after the short hiatus with episode 15 titled “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” Wednesday, March 27.

Read on for the spoilers:

  • People will get their moments of happiness, but they won’t last. After all, you can’t do drama without conflict.
  • There will always be moments of real fun mixed in with some of the heavy, heavy drama.
  • The relationship with Deacon and Rayna is going to get complicated as she is going through a divorce and he is (coincidentally) less-than available than he used to be.
  • Juliette will continue to struggle with taking care of her mom, as well as her entire empire, which won’t be as easy as it may have sounded to her in the beginning.
  • Scarlet and Gunnar’s relationship will face challenges as they find they are in very different places emotionally, plus there will be the extra complication of Avery still being around.
  • Rayna and Teddy kept the secret about Deacon being Maddie’s father to protect their daughter more than anything else.
  • Johnson reveals a tidbit she wasn’t planning on sharing: Rayna and Teddy never thought that they would ever have to discuss the issue of Maddie’s father any farther than they already had.

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  • Kelso

    That last comment – I listened to the video clip on Buddytv. She said that Teddy and Rayna didn’t think they would need to address it, not Deacon and Rayna.