Nashville Spoilers: Juliette’s Mom Gets A Babysitter!

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January 21, 2013

In an exclusive scoop from Zap2it, we are yet to meet an interesting character that will enter Juliette’s life and her mother’s.

Nashville fandom, meet Ozzy — Jolene’s upcoming “sober babysitter”.

Here are the full spoilers:

In Episode 14, Juliette will meet Ozzy, an experienced sober companion who comes off as very genuine, and is extremely good at his job. Right now, his job is to keep an eye on Juliette’s mess of a mother, Jolene. He wants Juliette to be involved in Jolene’s ongoing recovery, but as far as Juliette’s concerned, she’s already involved enough — after all, she’s the one writing the checks.

Nashville airs every Wednesday on ABC.