Nashville Spoilers: Did Rayna's Father Die?

Nashville Spoilers: Did Rayna's Father Die?

1314576058pre--4024436153551650737Last time on Nashville, Rayna's rapscallion father suffered a heart attack. But until we tune in on the next episode, we'll never know what happened to the old man. Thank goodness to TV Line's Ausiello, he has the scoop on whether there'll be a funeral scene in line for the musical soap.

Well, as long as Rayna's angels will do an encore of The Lumineer's Ho Hey, guess I'll be fine with that.

Pardon that hamfisted pun, here are the spoilers Nashville troops!

The apparent heart attack/stroke that Lamar suffered at the end of last week’s episode will prove to be fatal. Just joshing. He survives, but for how long? “He’s one tough customer,” acknowledges series creator Callie Khouri. “But there’s also the oh-how-the-mighty-have-fallen aspect to deal with. It’s a different place than we’ve seen him throughout the whole season. He seems very strong and a kind of invincible person. And then suddenly you realize: Everybody’s mortal.”

An all new Nashville airs on April 10 with E17 titled "My Heart Would Know", check out a sneak peek here.