Nashville Spoilers: Deacon's Other Addiction is [SPOILER]

Nashville Spoilers: Deacon's Other Addiction is [SPOILER]

On the winter finale, Teddy's political career is on the verge of imploding when his opponent leaked photos of him and Penny that called for high-suspicions of infidelity. Rayna, who has been kept under the shadows of Teddy's covert affairs with Penny, had finally seen the bigger picture. Teddy committed a criminal act of embezzling $2 million for his Cumberland deal and bonus, he may have been screwing with her too.

Rayna, who has never felt so betrayed by the people around her, turned to her on/off buddy Deacon. But since their relationship have been torn apart by Juliet Barnes, will this brief reconciliation blow up once again?

In a report from TV Line, EP Callie Khouri weighed-in on this matter. Check out her statement below --

“As much as they have a great relationship, once they start to deal with it, the relationship becomes really volatile again. They’ve both disappointed each other tremendously and they’re both really frustrated with the life they’ve created. And although Deacon remains in treatment for his substance abuse issues, his other addiction is Rayna — and that’s the one that might kill him.”

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