Nashville Spoilers: Deacon Sparks Divorce Problems For Rayna!

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April 12, 2013

9125c036779c8b8b6e53ecc005b25388In an upcoming episode of Nashville, I learned that Rayna will face a divorce problem that roots to her old flame, Deacon Clayborne. Proceed for the spoilers from E! Online:

Things are about to get real messy in Rayna and Teddy’s divorce because of, you guessed it, Deacon! It seems like Teddy will be trying to change their custody agreement in order to keep the girls away from Rayna whenever she’s around Deacon. Ouch!

‘Nashville’ airs every Wednesday on ABC.

  • suziebenz

    Teddy is such a douche! What happens, with Rayna and Deacon, I wonder, to spark this?

  • Lola La Trailera

    I think that Raynas oldest daughter is Deacons!

  • turretgunner

    And is Rayna so much better? She didn’t exactly try to fight off Deacon when he kissed her in the elevator and then she invited him up to her hotel room to “:talk.” All of that happened before Teddy told her he wanted a divorce. And she had done nothing to try to save their marriage for some time. Teddy coming clean about his “borrowing of the funds (which he paid back quickly) didn’t help, but I thought Rayna overreacted to that revelation because she had bailed on the marriage emotionally already and so really didn’t have any incentive to forgive him.. So yes, Teddy is definitely no saint, but neither is Rayna.

  • Lacy232

    I’m sorry, are you forgetting that ( yes ok Rayna kissed Decon) but actually Teddy was sleeping with Penny!! As said before Teddy isn’t biologically one of the girls fathers therefore he should not stop Rayna seeing the girls! Plus Decon is alot hotter than Teddy any way! P.s No body said Rayna was a saint… But there is no need for him to stop her seeing her daughters.