Nashville Spoilers: Deacon Questions Juliette's Too Fancy Performances!

Nashville Spoilers: Deacon Questions Juliette's <em>Too</em> Fancy Performances!

Juliette finally recruits Deacon to perform for her tour, but Deacon isn't digging one thing: too much glitters!

Zap2it revealed the spoilers, check them out:

When Juliette hired Deacon for her band, you could tell she thought it was to help a friend while simultaneously irritating Rayna. But there will be an unexpected side effect: Deacon is old-school country and he gets Juliette to start questioning her glitzy, effects-filled performances. After all, Johnny Cash "only needed three people" to put on a good show.

Here's my advice Miss Barnes, don't date men twice your age!

'Nashville' airs Wednesdays on ABC.