Nashville Spoilers: Connie Britton Talks About Rayna and Teddy’s Campaign

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October 17, 2012

Nashville actress Connie Britton who plays the troubled country singer, Rayna, talked to TV Line recently where she gave a few details about the politics subplot of the musical series. How does Rayna feels exactly about her husband, Teddy, running for office?

“Rayna’s a self-made woman who has been basically supporting their family for most of their adult lives — and now, suddenly, she’s going to some degree be playing ‘the politician’s wife,’ and that’s going to be a really interesting conflict for her, and for them,”

“He doesn’t need to [run for office], and she’s also conflicted about her father being involved in it… But she also has a strong sense of allegiance and loyalty to her husband. That’s what’s interesting about playing a Southern woman — there’s always that underlying feeling of, ‘Stand by your man.’”

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