Nashville Spoilers: ‘Be Careful of the Stones You Throw’ Preview — Juliette and Her Impulsiveness

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January 2, 2013

Is Juliette Barnes really walking down that aisle? Check out the major events you shouldn’t miss on the midseason return of Nashville! Courtesy of TV Line, we have the spoilers to whet your appetite on the next episode titled “Be Careful of the Stones You Throw” — airing on Wednesday, Jan. 9 on ABC.

As we learn more details about Juliette’s less-than-ideal Alabama upbringing – which will unspool as Jolene continues to be a presence in her daughter’s life — “you understand [her] impetuous moves,” says series creator Callie Khouri.

Elsewhere, even though Rayna and Deacon had some friendly moments in the winter finale, they’ve still got to work through a world of hurt. “Rayna feels incredibly disappointed about the way things turned out with Deacon. He feels betrayed that she didn’t wait for him [when he was in rehab] or believe that he was capable of changing,” Khouri says.

Rayna may wish she’d chosen differently as Teddy’s whatever-it-was with Peggy continues to unravel (“There will be ramifications that they all have to deal with,” Khouri previews) — but on the upside, an unhappy home life might just make it easier for Ms. Jaymes to say yes to that tour…

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