Nashville Season 2 Spoilers: Will Juliette and Avery Hit It Off?

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August 8, 2013

avery and juliette

Avery and Juliette are two of Nashville‘s lost souls.

During the first season, we saw them bounce back and forth from a series of pretty sloppy relationships, even to the point of tying the knot for Juliette Barnes. And for Avery’s part, we’re still reeling from that dastardly fling he once had with his cougar agent.

Can the showrunners of the musical soap give them a break in the romance department in season 2? Well, guess what we just learned that: it’s possible!

Read the spoilers below:

For those fans who are predicting that Avery and Juliette are moving closer to becoming more than just touring partners on Nashville, you might be right. In the beginning of the new season, those two will share many cute moments together that will leave viewers practically swimming in sexual tension. If you weren’t a fan of the pairing before, you might be after episode three.

Source: E! Online

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