Nashville Season 2 Spoilers: Two New Female Singers Bound for Music City — Get To Know Them Now!

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July 3, 2013


ABC’s Nashville is not returning until September, but it’s nice to stay ahead about the new characters, divas or not, coming in and out.

On this case, we’re happy to spoil about an upcoming TWO new female singers headed to the musical drama’s music city. Ready to meet them now? Check out the intel we’ve learned:


- Scarlett’s childhood best friend who wants to make it as a singer. She’ll take the blonde’s old waitressing gig at The Bluebird.


- the winner of an American Idol-type music competition who’s so driven to be a country star that she downplays her Northeastern roots, high level of education and stable family life. This youngin’ (she’s about 20) comes across as sweet at first, but her darker side will show itself over time. Both roles are heavy recurring… which makes me think Juliette might want to release her follow-up single real fast.

Source: TV Line