Nashville Season 2 Spoilers and POLL: The Divas’ Rivalry Comes To A Head; Are You Team Juliette or Team Rayna?

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August 5, 2013


The battle for the reigning queen of country music is still on in the upcoming season of ABC’s Nashville.

When Paul Lee (ABC’s Entertainment President) spoke with the press on Sunday at the TCA fall previews, he reveals a spoiler that involves Rayna and Juliette’s arc as formidable rivals.

“You’ll see [Rayna James] really drive plot… and the rivalry between Rayna and Juliette will come to a head”.

On that note, we wanna know if you’re still sticking with your guns as we head on to Nashville season 2. Are you still on Team Juliette or have you switched to Team Rayna? Tell us by voting on our POLL –