Nashville Season 2 First Look + Spoilers: A Shocking Event, Careers In Jeopardy & Moving Forward

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September 4, 2013

ABC has released a first look image of Nashville season 2 where we see Juliette Barnes with Maddie (Rayna’s daughter) looking shocked and upset during an event that’s still a mystery for now.

Check out the image below:


In addition, spoilers have emerged following the season one cliffhanger that puts Rayna and Deacon’s life in danger. Showrunner Dee Johnson reveals that the former lovers will survive the accident, but with repercussions that will affect their musical careers.

“The accident leaves Deacon “facing an injury that might jeopardize his career,” says showrunner Dee Johnson. “[And] the same applies to Rayna.” Once the First Lady of Country Music is finally out of danger, she “comes away feeling very much like it’s time to perhaps move on from this relationship that has tethered her for many, many years”.

Source: TV Line

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