Will There Be A ‘Nashville’ Season 2?

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March 25, 2013

130108_TVC_Nashville-Jan9-2.jpg.CROP.multipart-mediumHowdy Nashville fandom, are you Team Juliette or Team Rayna? Do you want these two scorching divas continue to sing their hearts out on Nashville season 2?

Check out our round-up report about the ABC freshman musical, will it be renewed, cancelled or is it still on the bubble?

Nashville premiered on ABC with great promise, it drew 9 million viewers and a 2.8 rating — gaining the mark as ABC’s best drama debut since OUAT. However, the following weeks for the musical soap did not live up to its initial ratings. Week two plunged down a -29% change and a 2.0 in the demo.

Nashville’s Wednesday 10pm berth is going against Chicago Fire and CSI on NBC and CBS respectively. Since CSI has been a veteran procedural on CBS, it is palpable that Nashville is having an arduous effort on pulling a bigger audience share. CSI ratings has been above average — its current run reached season highs during week 12, posting a 2.6 in the demo with a total of 11.46 million viewers.

So far, the ABC network hasn’t picked-up Nashville for a second season but we predict that its chances lies more on ‘likely to be renewed than cancelled’ by May 2013.

Do you want a Nashville season 2?

  • athlete25

    yes I def wanna see a season 2 of Nashville! I love Gunnar and Scarlett together! Hope the new neighbor Will does not affect their relationship…..

  • JJ

    Yes please!!! We musssst have a Nashville season 2 u love the show!!!! <3

  • Ella

    Yes! Best show on ABC I’ve seen in a while! Please renew! It is the only show that has fresh story lines and fresh music! Love it!

  • Michelle


  • Avery

    please make a second season! I love this show and the music is amazing! so inspiring. please!!! :)

  • dan in md


  • dan in md

    i cant find previews for ep. 18.

  • Michael

    I listen to the music from “Nashville” every day, and look forward to each new episode. I love it. It tells the backstory of Nashville’s music-making machine, with believable characters in complicated situations. It’s fun and sexy. This is now He-Haw!

  • CD

    Nashville was a bit slow to start but it gets pretty meaty towards the end and I absolutely love it, will be gutted if there’s no season 2!

  • Katie

    Yes I’d like a second season for nashville

  • suzhanna

    Of course I and all of our big group of friends and co-workers, all loyal viewers and note comparers, want it renewed. We need Rayna and Deacon, back together and working on staying together, and Deac and Maddie learning that they are Papa and Daughter.

  • Sabrina

    YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KarenbytheSea

    I’m a Brit and I love Nashville, which is weird because I don’t like country music, but I love this series and the music. There must be a 2nd season.

  • Regina

    YES! YES! YES!!!

  • Sg

    Yes please please please

  • hopeful

    Definitely want a season 2 and 3. Great stories and even better music. Pleasssssse.

  • Ash

    Yes season 2 please I’m so addicted

  • hopeful

    of course we want season 2 of nashville

  • Joe Tran

    Please let there be SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • april24

    Um yes and the reasons the ratings have declined is because they keep replaying REPEAT episodes each week. Seriously, I hate t.v.

  • Tonya

    I love Nasville please more seasons!!!!

  • Seamus Ward

    is there a NASHVILLE series two available to purchase in box set yet.? also same applies to New Dallas. and Revenge . please can some one let me know..

  • Mathieu88

    Season 2 All the Wayyy ABC Renew it

  • nashville fan

    Of course I want to see a season 2. Its the best part of the middle of the week. The actors are fantastic and the chemistry is definatly there. Please, please renew for season 2!!!

  • alena

    yes please!!! so much talent, drama, it’s my guilty pleasure!!! WE HAVE TO HAVE A SECOND SEASON!

  • Lilly

    YES!!! It’s my favorite show and if they cancel it I will never forgive ABC :(

  • http://twitter.com/coffee_moo Megan Landry

    YES ! I want as season 2. Please don’t cancel it. I really think this show has potential. It’s just slotted in at a bad time and you are so not going to get new viewers sticking it up against shows like CSI. It is an amazing show with a good plot line and amazing music.

  • Alita

    Is the best music series! Please season 2!

  • mb

    yes, yes, yes! there definitely needs to be a season 2. this is one of the best shows on tv these days.

  • Mugwump

    Another Brit addicted to Nashville and definately want a second series. Love Scarletts singing.


    Yes!! Love this show! Listen to your fans ABC!

  • Mojo

    I want it to renew. It’s the only show I watch!

  • cindy R

    I love Nashville. It so closely follows our inner most secret desires and hopes. Please bring it back. I don’t watch much TV but I do everything not to miss this show.

  • Annika

    Im a brit too, and I am one of 8 people I know that have bought the sound track, dvd, and awaiting season two!! they must be insane to even consider not doing it??