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Season 3 Episode 9

Two Sides to Every Story

Rayna continues to pull out all stops in self-promotion, this time by agreeing to do a televised Christmas special from her home for charity, with Luke and the children....

Season 3 Episode 8

You're Lookin' at Country

It’s country music’s biggest night of the year at the 48th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville...

Season 3 Episode 7

I'm Coming Home to You

Rayna's campaign to raise Highway 65's sales and profile finds her performing her latest single on "Dancing with the Stars."...

Season 3 Episode 6

Nobody Said it was Going to be Easy

Juliette bravely faces her new reality and the CMA Award nominations are announced, pitting Rayna against Luke....

Season 3 Episode 4

I Feel Sorry for Me

Uliette opens up to rayna and deacon has an admirer on tour...

Season 3 Episode 2

How Far Down Can I Go

Rayna amps up promotion on her album while Juliette faces a personal crossroad....