Nashville Episode 7 “Lovesick Blues” Sneak Peek 2 and 3

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November 28, 2012

Here are two additional sneak peeks for Nashville, episode 7 “Lovesick Blues”.

  • NightOwl

    I love to hate Juliette, but I can’t believe that I forgot to watch this last night! I’ve been so busy studying for finals that I haven’t been able to watch my favorite shows this week. I’m not too worried since one of my friends I work with at DISH reminded me last week to enable the Primetime Anytime feature on my DISH Hopper. It’s been recording all the primetime shows from the four major networks every night, so all I have to do is watch my favorite shows when I have time within eight days from the day they air. I’m really looking forward to seeing Juliette’s hot football beau again!