Nashville Episode 10 “I’m Sorry for You My Friend” Promo

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January 10, 2013

Nashville is finally back after the long hiatus! Here is the promo for Nashville episode 10 “I’m Sorry for You My Friend” airing next Wednesday on ABC.

  • Modest Complexity

    This show has a lot of potential, but they need to start developing more interesting characters and storylines besides Rayna and Juliette. Yes, they do a great job as the focus, but so many of the other characters are just blegh

    This episode’s big example is Gunnar – his big scene in this is going to prison to meet his newly-revealed ex-con brother, but how stock and cliche is that? The only good part of that scene was that they played the song “I Made the Law” by The Acorn over it but cool songs do not make a scene. At least he shaved that awful facial hair off though, I just hope they don’t start developing one of those obvious story lines involving his brother as a central plot when Gunnar could be much more interesting. Let’s see him have to take on some different jobs besides just being the soundguy in an effort to bolster his career; I’d love to see him get a gig as a tour manager or something that could be interesting. anyway, I’m still watching but bracing myself for this potentially addictive show to fall apart.