Nashville Episode 10 “I’m Sorry for You, My Friend” Guide

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December 21, 2012

ABC has released the official guide of the 10th episode of Nashville! “I’m Sorry for You, My Friend” airs on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

  • Rayna and Juliette get ready to perform in San Diego in their first arena concert on the same bill.
  • Rayna finds that working without Deacon is too disruptive and makes an interesting proposal to Liam.
  •  Juliette sends Sean a message through the press.
  • Gunnar takes a road trip to Austin to visit his brother, and Scarlett tags along for the ride so she can catch Deacon’s performance in Texas with the Revel Kings.
  • Meanwhile Avery makes his move to sign with Dominic, and Teddy and Coleman’s campaigns find them in a dead heat.

Source: ABC