Spoilers Guide 2013 Pilot Watch: ABC's Motive Description and Photos

Spoilers Guide 2013 Pilot Watch: ABC's <em>Motive</em> Description and Photos

Hi Spoilers Guide reader, welcome to our official pilot watch for 2013! This article is basically your guide from the several new shows that will premiere this year and so on. We totally understand how much of a hassle it is to keep track!

Like most informative articles, what you should be expecting to come across here are the quick facts that make-up the new TV show, things like -- lead casts, genre & plot, pilot episode description and images.

To kick off this year's list, let yourselves be introduced to ABC's Motive.


First of all, what is Motive all about?

'Motive' is based from a Canadian police procedural, which focuses on discovering the intent of the crime before identifying the criminal. As an introductory arc, you will be meeting working-class single-mom Detective Flynn and her own microcosm in the investigation of nefarious crimes.

What is the genre/format of the show?

Drama + detective procedural

Who are the lead stars in this new series? Did my former TV hero land a role here?

If you were a fan of AMC's The Killing and Breaking Bad, you're now one of the cool kids! Actress Kristin Lehman who played Gwen Eaton is the lead actress in this new series. She plays Det. Angie Flynn. Other major cast included are: Louis Ferreira (Breaking Bad) and Brendan Penny (The Killing).

What is the primary setting of the show?

Well, from the spoiler photos, the various locations kind of bring in the vibe of CSI and Body of Proof. I'm sure you know already know the drill. You should be expecting crime scenes proliferated with cop cars and medical teams snooping around for hairs and icky specimens.

I'm checking in with my calendar right now, looks like I'm fully-booked. When is Motive's premiere airing again?
ABC has scheduled it to air on Monday, May 20th at 10pm.

Now that we're done with the FAQ's --

Here are the spoilers/ episode description, and promotional photos of the premiere titled "Creeping Tom".

  • When a well-liked, karaoke-singing high school science teacher (Joey McIntyre) is found murdered in his bedroom, a home invasion gone wrong doesn't feel like the right Motive to Detectives Flynn and Vega.
  • As they follow a plausible lead to an adulterous wife and a possible crime of passion, Angie's second sense points her in the direction of one of the students at the dead teacher's school, a serial thief known only as "The Creeper".


It's time for you to judge TV fella, would you give 'Motive' a shot?