Upcoming “Dirt” on the Dunphys

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December 14, 2010

Anybody who loves comedy has been rejoicing Modern Family and its new spin on the family sitcom anytime of the year, but around now it feels even more special. Mostly because we have some dirty scoop on what’s coming up, namely for the Dunphy clan. And when I say dirty…:

  • Remember that one spoiler? Yeah, me too. Well, seems that “one spoiler” will indeed be coming to fruition, as right now on the Modern Family set, Phil and Claire are celebrating their anniversary (cue “aw…!”). But what Haley, Alex, and Luke don’t know is that they’re, ahem, celebrating alone when the Dunphy kid trio happens to walk in on them (cue “ew…!”). Hopefully the “Nothing’s happening” line from Phil (so Phil, isn’t it?) will convince ‘em.
  • Meanwhile, Jay and Manny find something new to bond over – being with a younger woman. But what I want to know is…at Manny’s age, how much younger can you get?

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