Spoiler Scoop: Forget Pirates, There's Real Treasure!

Spoiler Scoop: Forget Pirates, There's Real Treasure!

Manny's dad, Javier might be off galavanting with the pirates (well, at least in his mind), but Luke's got this one over on Manny for once - because he's going treasure hunting with good ol' dad! Underneath...the house. Leave it to Phil.

Plus, there's other stuff coming up too. Like, maybe a vacation to Hawaii...? I have a feeling the cast will be the ones persuading the showrunners soon. Check out these spoilers for upcoming episodes of Modern Family.


* Luke and Ty [Phil (Ty Burrell)] go treasure hunting underneath the house.
* Haley takes her driving test.
* Cam challenges Jay to a game of racquetball.
* A vacation is in the works. “Our showrunners really wanna go to Hawaii,” says Eric Stonestreet (Cam). “I hear them hatching plots. And let’s face it, every great sitcom goes to Hawaii at some point.”

Source: The Ausiello Files / Entertainment Weekly