Spoiler Scoop: Facebook & Firsts From Fancast

Spoiler Scoop: Facebook & Firsts From Fancast

Remember back when Mitchell was so worried about Lily scooting and crawling? Then he stole the "intellectual property" of the kid next to him. Hahaha...good times.

Well, now Lily finally gets to have her first word - that classic first word that usually babies pick to be "Dada". Should be a cinch for little Lily, right? Maybe not so much ( SPOILERS AHEAD ):

How about a bit on the youngest member of ABC’s ‘Modern Family’? Baby Lily will utter her first word – and her choice is one that sends Cameron and Mitchell reeling.

And I think I've mentioned before that Phil's ex-girlfriend will be dropping by - played by Arrested Development's Judy Greer -  you know, the one he gets reacquainted with on Facebook? But there will also be a little more to the future of the Dunphy household:

Also on the horizon: Judy Greer (’Arrested Development’) will play an ex-girlfriend of Phil’s with whom he’s reunited via Facebook, and Alex will convince Luke that he’s adopted.

Fun, fun, fun. Alex is such a little stinker. Always causing trouble. My all-time favorite so far? Watching Haley rub her cell phone battery against her head. Oh, and Luke "re-charging" his iPod. Never a dull moment with the Dunphys, that's for sure.

Source: Fancast