Spoiler Scoop: Cupcakes in a Car Crash?

Spoiler Scoop: Cupcakes in a Car Crash?

It's been a hard road for Haley, learning how to drive (pun totally intended). And if you remember those casting call spoilers for episode 18, "Fears", it's about to get even better. Especially if the guesses for this little spoiler from Rico Rodriguez (Manny) happen to be dead-on ( SPOILERS AHEAD ):

"Mitchell, Gloria and Manny have some fun at a cupcake shop, [then] a car crash happens!"

The reason for the Haley-driving rumors? The spoiler also came with a little teaser from actress Sara Hyland:

"The big question will be: Does Haley pass her driving test or does she fail her driving test? You won't find out for a while, but it's going to be funny!"

Haley driving through a cupcake shop, maybe? Yeah, I know, highly unlikely. But I will laugh so hard if that does happen. It would just top everything else in the episode for me. Then Phil could say, "My daughter was in a car crash!"

Okay, so maybe it's not that funny.

Speaking of Manny-related spoilers - Benjamin Bratt will be back as Javier in the Feb 10 episode, "My Funky Valentine".

Source: E! Online