Somebody's Throwing Punches

Somebody's Throwing Punches

Modern Family's not just a hit show, now the show is getting some hits. According to Eric Stonestreet (Cameron), a situation will actually come to blows. Yikes!

"...'Someone related to the modern family punches someone out on behalf of someone else in the modern family.' So who's doing the hitting? Jesse Tyler Ferguson [Mitchell] will only say this: 'We have Cam, Mitchell and Lily—and it's not me.'"

Look at little Lily, defending her two dads like that. How sweet.

That's not all that's going down. It seems that Jay (Ed O'Neill) might have to face that his buddy "plays for the other team", as Stonestreet puts it, when Chazz Palminteri guest-stars in January . Get the complete spoiler scoop from Watch with Kristin's Spoiler Chat.

Source: E! Online