Some Sisterly Bonding For Haley and Alex

Some Sisterly Bonding For Haley and Alex

The Dunphy family never fails to be full of laughs - between Haley and Dylan, Phil and Claire's "role-playing", Luke being Luke, and Phil being Phil...well, you get the idea. And now here's one more little tidbit to add to the Dunphy family funnies:

“Haley and Alex vandalize a school,” says the younger Dunphy sister’s portrayer, Ariel Winters. Uh, come again? “I don’t know why Haley and Alex do some of the things they do,” she laughs, “but it’s a ton of fun for me.”

Don't think that's quite what Claire had in mind when she said she wanted the two sisters to "bond". But whatever works. More spoilers coming up below for Alex, Haley, and pretty much the Dunphy family as a whole:

  • We'll get to see Alice's graduation in the season finale. “It’s actually my graduation from middle school,” she says. “Everybody will be there. Everybody.” And you just know where "everybody" goes, trouble will follow.
  • Phil gets Claire and Hayley to sign up to be models in his real-estate advertisement, but the result isn't exactly as professional as the Dunphy women imagined. Between this and vandalizing the school, the Dunphy gals should be the talk of the town.

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