Modern Family Season 5 Spoilers: Haley’s Back in College and Back to Boys!

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September 20, 2013


Haley actress, Sarah Hyland dished to E! Online that there are definitely going to be more storylines for her character this (“amazing”!) season on Modern Family. Starting with Haley going back to college…community college.

“The new season’s so good! Our writers are just so amazing and they just keep coming up with these amazing storylines,” Sarah Hyland gushes. “Haley is in community college now, so she’s just started to go to community college. You would think that since she’s back in college [that] she’s kind of starting to take things more seriously, but because it’s community college she doesn’t really. Not trouble, she’s just not taking things seriously. Same old Haley.”

You know what also sounds like “same old Haley”? Boys, boys, and – you guessed it – more boys. Or at least one boy. Sarah also spoiled to E! that there’s a new guy in store for Haley during season 5.

Haley is getting a new boyfriend! “I’ve been told, that there’s a new guy coming for Haley that we haven’t filmed yet, so I’m just desperately waiting,” Sarah Hyland tells us. And while she wouldn’t spill who will be playing her new man, she teases, “I’m pretty sure the guy that it is I’m very happy with and is very, very funny, which I’m a big fan of.”

Who would you cast as Haley’s new and “very funny” guy? (And can we please bring Reid Ewing’s Dylan back to butt heads?)