Modern Family Season 5 Spoilers: Career Changes for the Family?

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August 28, 2013


Things are never really static on Modern Family – but we guess a show about family has to show change, right? And what’s more of a switch-up than changing a job or career?

Part of the cast of Modern Family shared with TV Guide some of the changes that would be in store for some of the core characters on the show in season 5, including some big career changes.

The Modern Family cast, including Ty Burrell [Phil], Julie Bowen [Claire] and Jesse Tyler Ferguson [Mitch], who are nominated in the supporting comedy categories, ­revealed that the new season sees career changes for several characters. Claire will go to work for Jay’s closet company, where she creates “complete chaos,” says Bowen; Mitch contemplates resigning from his law firm after another clash with his odd boss; and Cam will work in Alex’s high school as the freshman football coach. And, says Sofia Vergara [Gloria] (also a nominee), Gloria and Phil get the acting bug when they are cast as extras in a commercial shooting at their local coffee shop: “It’s their 15 minutes of fame, and they ruin the whole shoot.

Gloria and Phil as extras in a commercial shooting in a coffee shop?? This I gotta see. Which Modern Family scenarios above for season 5 sound the most hilarious to you?