Modern Family Season 5 Spoiler: Mitch and Cam in Full “Wedding-Planning Mode”

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September 27, 2013


Mitch and Cam’s proposal was oh-so-sweet and awesome in the season 5 premiere, wasn’t it? But how soon can we look forward to some “serious wedding planning” (and knowing Mitch and Cam, we mean serious) from Mitch and Cam?

E! Online shares some insight into that this season on Modern Family.

…you will definitely see some serious wedding planning coming up! In an episode airing in late October, Mitch and Cam will be in full wedding-planning mode, with all the craziness that comes along (wedding planners galore). So the wedding is definitely moving forward and will be a big story arc this season.

Are you looking forward to Mitch and Cam’s wedding when the big day comes? Maybe in the season finale…?