Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Meet Gloria's Family! Plus, Some Dunphy Family Scoop

Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Meet Gloria's Family! Plus, Some Dunphy Family Scoop

You might have heard the spoiler that Gloria's (Sofia Vergara) family will be paying her a visit because of the pregnancy, but have you read the details?

TVLine and E! Online both report that Gloria's sister, Sonia and mother, Pilar will be making their big Modern Family debut soon - and they tell us a little bit about both of them, too:

"There’s Sonia, her 30something sister who on the surface is meek but deep down has bursting to bust out, and Pilar, a family matriarch who is described as old-school, religious and stubborn. Oh, and both actresses should be ready to let loose with a Gloria-esque accent…."

"Gloria's family is coming to town! Viewers will meet her mother and sister later this season. While sis Sonia originally comes off as quiet and meek, she actually has a fiery temper and is kind of a Bitter Betty. Pilar, Gloria's mama, is tough and manipulative, stubborn and old-school."

Sounds like Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) will be in for some pretty fun times.... Yep. Though at the same time, it sounds like Luke (Nolan Gould) won't be having fun any time soon. If you read the spoilers for season 4 episode 4, he "loses his magic"...and even before that in episode 2, he'll be missing somebody something terrible. Who? Nolan tells Entertainment Weekly.

“We will find out that Luke is actually pretty sad to have Haley [Sarah Hyland] gone.... He seems cynical and sarcastic and goofy all the time, but he’s actually pretty sensitive and emotional and he is affected by his sister going away.”

This of course upsets the delicate Dunphy household balance, and even though she and Haley fought like cats and dogs like sisters when Haley was at home, it also affects Alex (Ariel Winter), as Ariel also tells EW:

“[Alex's] balance is thrown off” by her sister’s exit, her story this season will teach her “that she doesn’t need to change who she is to fit in with other people.”

Are you looking forward to meeting Gloria's family and seeing more of Luke and Alex now that Haley's away at college?