Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Is Jay Cheating on Gloria?

Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Is Jay Cheating on Gloria?

I'm sure you're probably thinking, No way. If Jay (Ed O'Neill) would stick with Gloria (Sofia Vergara) through her pregnant news, then cheating is way, way, way out of the question, right? Well, Gloria doesn't seem to think so, when she starts to suspect that Jay is off with another woman.

"Rocky times are ahead for Jay and Gloria, the latter of whom thinks her husband is cheating! Now, I know what you're thinking: Why would anyone ever be unfaithful to Sofia Vergara? It's a fair point, but ask yourself this: Why is Jay sneaking around a hotel?"

Now we know Modern Family wouldn't do that to us, and to Gloria, with a baby on the is it safe to say that this will just turn out to be a misunderstanding on Gloria's part? If it is, what do you think the hotel visits are all about?

It seems Gloria's not the only one worrying. Although the "who" isn't revealed, in this week's new episode, "The Butler's Escape", two family members will be dealing with bullying, and there's a twist: "One of them is living with their tormentor. (Teens can be so cruel.)".

Could this be Alex (Ariel Winter) and Luke (Nolan Gould)? Why do you think Jay is "sneaking around a hotel"?

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