Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Gloria's Pregnancy Affects Jay and Manny...and Phil and Claire?

Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Gloria's Pregnancy Affects Jay and Manny...and Phil and Claire?

The season 4 premiere of Modern Family will be celebrating Jay's (Ed O'Neill) birthday...and Gloria's surprise pregnancy (once it gets out, that is). So how will Jay be reacting to the news?

"Gloria's pregnancy has repercussions throughout the family," reveals Modern Family executive producer Christopher Lloyd of the surprise bun in the oven. "Jay is unnerved about being a dad again and briefly sees a therapist; Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is in a bit of denial and refuses to stop wearing her usual clothes; and Manny is concerned the parenting duties will fall to him."

What other "repercussions" will Gloria's pregnancy have on the family? Well...:

  • Jay and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) will actually grow closer because of...Gloria's mood swings? Yep.

    “There’s a lot about Gloria being pregnant and going through mood swings and how Jay and Manny deal with it,” he says. “They need to lean on each other because it really takes two to deal with one Gloria.”

  • We'll get to meet Gloria's mother and sister! The two will fly in for the baby's christening, which no doubt will probably make for a stressed-out Jay and Manny (aye aye aye).
  • Jay and Gloria having a kid definitely gets Claire wondering if she's..."old", and gets Phil thinking about a vasectomy.

    "Because of Gloria's pregnancy, Phil and Claire will be debating about him getting a vasectomy," teases Emmy nominee Ty Burrell. "I won't say what they decide — it goes back and forth — but it's very fun."

    Adds Julie Bowen (Claire): “She thinks it’s ridiculous and silly that her father’s having a kid; and at the same time, there’s that question: ‘Oh God, am I old? And I’m done having babies?’”

    Whatever the leaders of the Dunphy clan decide, you can bet Claire will be thinking about what this means for her own personal future, which could very well mean no more kids to "boss around".

We can also expect more of Phil fawning over Gloria...which of course with Ty Burrell, never gets old.

"Phil is transfixed by the changes to Gloria's physique," adds Lloyd. "And so is Claire, who secretly delights in it."

What are you looking forward to most about Gloria's pregnancy?

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