Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Claire Gets Scary in Another Halloween Episode

Modern Family Season 4 Spoilers: Claire Gets Scary in Another Halloween Episode

Does the Modern Family open casting call for a certain episode called, "Open House of Horrors" (episode 6 of season 4) tip us off to another "scary" Halloween episode? I'm thinking so, after this tidbit!

"When Phil accuses Claire (Julie Bowen) of not being scary on Halloween, she turns all her attention to giving him the scare of his life," executive producer Steve Levitan tells [TV Guide].

While another Halloween episode definitely highlights the new season, Claire will be in for the scare of her own life: a college-Haley. Which of course means giving her a send-off with the utmost protection - condoms - which ends up a little on the humiliating side of things for Haley (Sarah Hyland), since her roommate's father finds out.

[Co-creator Steve] Levitan acknowledges that some of his writers, many of whom don’t have a college-aged child as he does, weren’t initially in favor of the scene. In fact, he wasn’t entirely convinced he was comfortable with it either, except that it’s a situation he’s heard many mothers discuss and for that reason felt it worthy of inclusion. “The name of our show is Modern Family,” he tells [The Hollywood Reporter]. “We shouldn’t shy away from things like that; we should explore them.”

With Haley away at college, naturally the dynamics of the Dunphy family changes. Check out some scoop on Alex (Ariel Winter), and more season 4 spoilers, right here:

  • Actress Ariel Winter (Alex) spilled the beans that Alex will be getting a boyfriend this season, which begs the question of whether he'll be a typical nerd or a cute nerd. Because we just know that Alex isn't going to settle for less, right? She'll also be getting a new look, but what kind of look? Ariel says it could be "goth" or "vintage", but what it's really all about for Alex is finding out where she fits in, now that she's getting older.
  • So after their failed attempt in last season's finale to bring a new addition into their family, how are Mitch and Cam doing, especially knowing that Gloria has a baby on the way?

    “Cam is in a very tough, dark, quiet place with it and feeling a lot of the anger and the disappointment of not getting the baby. Mitchell is having to take the reigns of being more emotionally the caregiver of the two of them.”

    How does Cameron deal with this disappointment? He takes up his job as the middle school's music teacher again, which could make for some interesting plot points with Lily.

  • I covered this spoiler a while ago when it first surfaced, but it begs repeating because it sounds just too darn funny. Luke (Nolan Gould) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) will go Bar Mitzvah crashing. But don't worry, they have good reason. Manny wants to meet a girl.

    “Luke and Manny are at this hotel, and Manny sees the girl of his dreams and she disappears. He understands she’s going to this Bar Mitzvah, so he goes to look at the board and there are three Bar Mitzvahs going on,” says [co-creator Christopher] Lloyd, adding: “Luke is along for the ride as they crash three different Bar Mitzvahs.”

What do you think, Modern Family season 4 definitely sounds like a ton of laughs so far. What episodes/scenes are already getting you excited?