Modern Family Season 4 Spoiler: Where Will The Pritchett-Dunphys Spend New Year’s?

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November 21, 2012

Modern Family‘s had its share of holiday and vacation episodes, but it sounds like this year we’re getting a two-for-one! The family’s in for a surprise when Jay (Ed O’Neill) takes everyone to his favorite hotel in Palm Springs for New Year’s. Only, it’s not exactly as he remembers it….

“The Pritchett-Dunphy clans will converge on Palm Springs to ring in 2013. ‘We go to a hotel that Jay went to in the ’70s and was the best place he’d ever been,’ explains Ty Burrell [Phil Dunphy]. ‘Now it’s rundown, but we make the best of it. It’s very funny. Jay still clings to it being the best place on Earth.’”

A “ghetto” hotel in Palm Springs? And we thought Modern Family couldn’t do better than Hawaii and a dude ranch and DisneyLand. (Okay, so it’s hard to top Reid Ewing’s Dylan getting lost at a dude ranch…what antics are you hoping the Family will get into in Palm Springs? Share in the comments!)

Source: TVLine