Modern Family Season 4 Spoiler: Dunphy Family Road Trip!

Modern Family Season 4 Spoiler: Dunphy Family Road Trip!

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Updated Spoilers! Here's what Zap2It had to say about this episode, "Games People Play":

"When Phil scores a Winnebago in a real estate deal, he decides to take the family on a trip up the coast -- and Claire looks forward to him finally understanding what "malevolent hellspawn" (who she loves very much) they have for children. Somehow, though, the Winnebago seems to be just what they need to turn the Dunphys into a happy family. Like, Stepford happy."

If you've ever wondered what a Modern Family road trip would be like, well we're going to get one. With the Dunphys. If they can get past the test drive, that is.

"Who's ready for a family road trip? When one of Phil's clients offers to loan the Dunphy clan one of his RVs for the summer, Phil enthusiastically organizes a quick weekend test drive. But Claire, who insists the kids can't handle a long ride together, eventually picks a fight among the children to prove her point. During the melee, lots of family secrets emerge, including Haley's (failed) attempt to become a Laker Girl. Oddly, it's that tidbit that saves the outing from ending in total disaster."

Looking forward to uncovering some Dunphy "family secrets"?

Source: TV Guide