Modern Family Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Whose Mom Will Pass Away?

Modern Family Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Whose Mom Will Pass Away?


Updated Spoilers! E! Online has added that Fred Willard will be returning this episode as Phil's dad (of course), and that "Ty Burrell pulls out a really emotional performance while in the midst of his mission, which makes him a shoo-in for yet another Emmy nod." And Phil's mom's "last wish" for him (which we're assuming is the same thing as this "mission" TV Guide mentions) is apparently a "doozy".

No worries, nobody from the core cast is going anywhere. But there will be a funeral in this season's finale episode of Modern Family.

TV Guide shared in its big season finale scoops one for Modern Family for its season 4 finale, and it will include a trip to Florida:

When Phil's mother passes away, the family heads to Florida to say goodbye. Look for Phil to deal with the loss in an interesting way after he discovers that his mother left him a rather unusual mission to fulfill. (She also leaves each of the Dunphy children a special gift, though Alex is perplexed by hers.) As for everyone else? "Gloria has an outstanding warrant in Florida and that needs to be taken care of," executive producer Steve Levitan says. "Cam falls in with a gang of old women from the retirement village where Phil's dad lives. Jay runs in to a woman that he had a fling with 40 years before." Sounds surprisingly fun for an episode featuring a funeral!

What do you think of the plot development of Phil's mom passing away, and are you looking to this otherwise "fun" finale that will take place in Florida?

Image source: Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC