Modern Family Season 4 Episode 5 “Open House of Horrors” Guide

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October 23, 2012

This Halloween, Claire (Julie Bowen) might not be coming on quite as strong as we’d hoped after the last “spook-tacular” haunted house performance. Why? Read on to find out.

Check out our guide for season 4 episode 5 of Modern Family, “Open House of Horrors”:


  • Claire has overdone it in Halloweens past and the neighbors definitely don’t share her enthusiasm, so this year she’s being forced to tone it down and keep it “kid-friendly.”
  • Phil has an idea to hold an open house on Halloween night.
  • Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam host a costume party while contending with Lily wondering who her real mom is.
  • Gloria’s pregnancy hormones are on overdrive, making her even more hotheaded than usual.
  • Guest cast includes Shirra Alcine as trick or treater no. 1, Lilia Buckingham as trick or treater no. 2, Katherine Disque as police officer, Billy Evans as teenager no. 1, Shak Ghacha as teenager no. 2, David Bloom as Einstein, Len Cordova as dad, Janie Haddad Tompkins as little girl’s mom, Emmalee Abrams as little girl, Marieve Herington as young mom, Spenser McNeil as Reuben, Jackson Odell as Durkas, Rodrigo Rojas as Stefan, Colin Hanlon as Steven, Kevin Cahoon as John-John, Lucia Sullivan as wife, Joel Spence as husband, Rodney To as Sam, Trent Carlton as Einstein’s friend no. 1, Riley Rydin as einstein’s friend no. 2, Cole Sand as trick or treater no. 3 and David Desmond as young boy.

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  • Jimmy Mackey

    There were a few things that were especially funny in this
    episode, like when Cam is flashing the guests,
    and Gloria confiscating the teenage kids’ candy. My favorite story line though was when Claire
    was egged on by Phil to do something scary, only, I don’t think he expected he
    would be the victim! Since I love the
    show so much, I save all of the episodes now instead of buying them on DVD at the
    end of the season. My DISH coworker
    reminded me of the thousands of hours of HD recording time on my Hopper DVR so I
    figured it was stupid to pay that money each year. Now, I get more out of my TV service and my
    wife is happy she has more purse money; LOL!