Modern Family Season 4 Casting Spoilers: Shelley Long is Back as Dede Pritchett!

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September 19, 2012

Details of Shelley Long’s upcoming season 4 storyline for Modern Family are unknown, but it’s been confirmed that Long will be reprising her role of Claire and Mitchel’s mom and Jay’s ex-wife, Dede Pritchett.

“We have a very funny story for her,” executive producer Steve Levitan tells [TV Guide]. And for those hoping to see tension between Jay and his ex-wife now that he’s an expecting father again, he promises, “You will not be disappointed.”

Speculation has it that Dede’s comeback could have a little something to do with Jay and Gloria’s new addition to the family…or at least, if it doesn’t it sure could lead to having something to do with it (anyone else remember that drunken wedding scene from season 1?).

In addition to Shelley Long returning, Lucia Sullivan (East of Sunset) has been cast to play the role of Sheila in episode 6 of season 4, “Open House of Horrors”, according to SpoilerTV.

What comedy do you think will surround Shelley Long’s return as Dede Pritchett this time?