Modern Family Season 4 Casting Spoiler: Who Returns to Help Cam and Claire with their Renovation Project?

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January 22, 2013

Updated Spoilers! Julie Bowen (Claire) and Eric Stonestreet (Cam) shared some more details with TV Guide about Wendi’s return appearance as Pam, for their house flipping project.

“You’re going to see Cam and Claire lying to one another wildly to get what they want,” Julie Bowen says, noting that Wendi McLendon-Covey’s Pam will get caught in the middle of their games. “I have to try to appeal to her lady-loving side to get my way,” Bowen says coyly.

Adds Eric Stonestreet: “Pam and Cam will go from enemies to best friends because he’s using her.”

Hm, how do you see this turning out? Aside from not good.

There may have been a big fuss all-out war involving their significant others about their big house renovation project, but it seems Claire and Cam are actually going to go through with it. But they won’t be going it alone, Claire will involve someone else this time around other than Phil and Mitch – a returning guest star!

TVLine has learned exclusively that Bridesmaids funny lady Wendi McLendon-Covey will reprise her Modern Family role as Cam’s lesbian nemesis Pam later this season — but she’ll be without her better half, played by Michaela Watkins.

“This time around, Cam and Claire recruit contractor Pam to assist them with their house renovation/flipping project. ‘I think Cam has some ideas about the restoration, and he’s fighting [about it] with Claire,’ explains McLendon-Covey. ‘So they get Pam involved…We’ll see how my contracting skills are,’ the actress adds with a laugh. ‘We’ll see how comfortable I look with a hammer in my hand!’”

So…how do you think this one will go? Will Claire and Cam surprise Phil and Mitch with the end result, or will a different kind of war ensue?