Modern Family Season 4 Casting Spoiler: Stella the Dog Replaced!

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August 10, 2012

TMZ reported the news that Brigitte – the French bulldog that plays Jay, Gloria, and Manny’s dog, Stella – is being recast. The new pooch in question? Her name is Beatrice. Take a look at the two different doggies here, and try to convince me Bea looks as cute as Brig.

“According to sources, the dog who formerly played Stella — real name Brigitte — had been hired by an Hollywood animal agency called Good Dog Animals, which then subleased Brigitte to the “Modern Family” production shortly before Season 2.

We’re told everything went great for 2 seasons, but GDA recently decided it no longer wanted to work with Brigitte….”

What do you think about this strange casting turn of events? Are you sad to see Brigitte go, or do you think we’ll barely even notice the new Stella?