Modern Family Season 3 Thanksgiving Episode “Punkin Chunkin’” Guide

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October 27, 2011


Claire might have gotten Halloween, but the gays still have Thanksgiving! Or at the very least, a “punkin chunkin’” challenge.

Read our guide below for the Thanksgiving episode of Modern Family, “Punkin Chunkin’”, airing Wednesday, November 23:

  • It starts to get to Phil when a guy he knew as a kid comes back as an Internet billionaire, making Phil’s own successes seem to fall short in comparison.
  • The Pritchett men are at it again! Jay’s up for offering some constructive criticism to Manny, and Mitchell’s starting to wonder if Cameron’s childhood stories are all he cracks them up to be.
  • And in celebration of Thanksgiving, the families divide themselves up into teams – the “Dreamers” and the “Pritchetts” – and get ready to play some good ol’ “punkin chunkin’”.

Whose side will you be on?

Source: ABC