Modern Family Season 3 Episode 6 “Go Bullfrogs” Guide

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October 13, 2011


A Modern Family episode with “the talk”, some Phil and Haley bonding time, and a non-gay Gilles Marini character hitting on Claire? Promises to be full of all sorts of win.

Read up on our guide for season 3, episode 6 of Modern Family, “Go Bullfrogs”:

  • In hopes to get Haley into the college spirit, Phil takes her on a visit to his old alma mater.
  • When a particular situation arises, Jay and Gloria think they might have to have the “birds and the bees” talk with Manny.
  • With Phil and all the kids out of the house for once, Claire calls up up Mitch and Cam and invites herself along on a night out with the guys – only to wind up with one of guys (guest star Gilles Marini) who’s definitely not gay.

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