Season 3 Episode 5 Hit and Run

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 5 "Hit and Run" Guide

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 5 "Hit and Run" Guide

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More like crash and run. With a Mitch-Cam fender bender, a reappearance of Councilman Duane Bailey, and the whole family making a target out of Haley's tormentor, this episode looks particularly hilarious.

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  • Phil and Claire have a run-in with Councilman Duane Bailey (Arrested Development's David Cross) while he's out campaigning for his second run, and Claire just might find him annoying enough to run against him.
  • Jay and Manny are both frustrated at work (er, school for Manny), and Gloria's making her best efforts to help but neither of them wants to hear it.
  • Mitchell and Cameron get into a fender bender with a driver who's not exactly willing to stick around and leaves the scene - which sets the tone for the rest of the episode as all the men in the extended families start picking on the kid who's out to get Haley.

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