Season 3 Episode 4 Door to Door

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 4 "Door to Door" Guide

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 4 "Door to Door" Guide

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The families all have their sights set on goals this episode, but only air time will tell if any are successful (I'm rooting for Phil and Luke on this one).

Check out our guide for season 3, episode 4, "Door to Door":

  • Jay helps Manny by going door-to-door for a school fundraiser, but it's not exactly selling cookies (hint: you use it to wrap presents).
  • Claire's found another neighborhood cause to champion - making sure a stop sign is installed at a busy intersection.
  • Phil and Luke take to the Internet to start a viral video sensation.
  • Gloria panics when she loses Stella and will stop at nothing to make sure she finds her.
  • Mitchell and Cameron get into a war over Mitch trying to prove a (very Pritchett) point.

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