Season 3 Episode 3 Phil On Wire

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 3 "Phil on Wire" Guide

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 3 "Phil on Wire" Guide

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EDIT: The promo photos more than make up for this seemingly mundane Modern Family episode, check out our gallery.

Is it just me, or is nothing much new going on this next Modern Family episode? Although I must say I don't exactly mind those father-son moments Phil and Luke have had in previous seasons. Never a dull moment in the Dunphy house, that's for sure.

Read up on our guide for season 3, episode 3, "Phil on Wire":

  • Remember Stella, that cute little doggie that Jay finally gave into last season? Well now the cute little doggie is driving Gloria nuts.
  • Phil and Luke get themselves into yet another situation, but this time it's involving a tightrope.
  • Claire gets into a situation of her own with Haley and Alex, and tries (once again) to teach the girls yet another lesson.
  • Cameron goes on a juice fast, much to Mitchell's chagrin I'm sure because it's not exactly the best time for Cam to take on a new diet.

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