Modern Family Season 3 Episode 2 “When Good Kids Go Bad” Guide

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September 8, 2011


Modern Family is heading off its Wednesday comedy block this fall with a special one-hour season 3 premier! In this second half of the hour (season 3, episode 2), we’re departing from the family vacation-style episode and delving into the more traditional Modern Family shenanigans we know and love.

Read our guide below for episode 2 of season 3, “When Good Kids Go Bad” for details:

  • Mitchell and Cameron are thinking of adopting another child and call all the family together to announce their happy news (the Pilot, anyone?).
  • But Mitch and Cam start to get a little worried that Lily might not be as ready as they are when they see how she reacts to another baby in the house.
  • Jay and Claire are at it again, and this time they’re looking to prove the other wrong when it comes to…who knows what.

Source: ABC