Season 3 Episode 10 Express Christmas

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 10 "Express Christmas" Guide

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 10 "Express Christmas" Guide

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Last year's Modern Family Christmas episode, "Undeck the Halls" proved to be one of the season's best (guest star Fred Willard, you were part of that). While this season's holiday episode, "Express Christmas" has a lot to live up to, the different interactions between characters you wouldn't expect, plus the utter craziness of it all, promise to make a great episode.

Read our guide below for season 3 episode 10, "Express Christmas":

  • It's anything but holiday-ish for our Modern Fams, especially with Gloria and Jay lazing by the pool on a sunny December day. But when everyone realizes that all their families will be spread out for Christmas this year, things get a little crazy as they decide to have an "express Christmas" right there and then that day.
  • With so much to do, everybody splits up on their own "express Christmas" missions (this is where the different character interactions come into play): Alex goes with Mitchell and Lily to get the Christmas tree, Jay and Cameron are assigned the task of wrapping gifts, Phil and Manny go grocery shopping, Gloria and Luke buddy up to gather all the ornaments, and Claire takes Haley to shop for said gifts.
  • Needless to say, the Christmas craziness reaches its high point by the end of the day as the whole family returns.

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