Season 2 "Surprises" For Modern Family

Season 2 "Surprises" For Modern Family

One of which could include a vacation to Colombia. Which would be really freaking awesome because, as Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) puts it,  "I can just see a whole bunch of fish-out-of-water white people in [Gloria's] fair country."

But aside from the possible second big family vacation and Nathan Lane and that earthquake...what other "surprises"? Here's a good few of 'em to get you started:

Though series co-creator Christopher Lloyd says Colombia is not yet on the writers' map, he clued me in to several fun surprises that should keep the series popular. Guest star Nathan Lane, as flamboyant Pepper, will invite Mitch and Cam to his Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch. Then, arriving before Thanksgiving to visit baby Lily will be Cam's country mama, who'll get a little too comfortable in the boys' home. Dunphy daughter Haley will dump boyfriend Dylan in November, "but Phil takes it far harder than Haley does so he continues to see Dylan on the side behind Haley's back," says Lloyd, indicating actor Reid Ewing (Dylan) could return again some day.

I can so picture Phil going after Dylan after Haley dumps him. Heck, I miss Dylan already. Here's hoping there will be a return of Reid Ewing (crossing fingers). Check out more Modern Family scoop via TV Guide, and also SpoilerTV.

Then let's talk about 'em in the comments. :)