Modern Family Season 2 Episode 5 “Unplugged” Guide

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October 18, 2010

So how long could you go without your cell phone/iPad/other electronic device? The Dunphys face this very challenge in this week’s new episode – check out these spoilers for episode 5 of Modern Family season 2, “Unplugged”:

  • With the whole family constantly using their electronics, Phil and Claire declare a challenge to see who can go the longest in the Dunphy house “unplugged” (Who’s not betting their money on Phil?)
  • Mitchell and Cameron have their hopes set high for little Lily – she must get into the best pre-school! So they scramble in attempts to do just that.
  • Gloria will stop at nothing to get that neighbor’s dog to STOP barking…and she’s so gung-ho about it that Jay and Manny actually start to worry a little.