Modern Family Season 2 Episode 2 “The Kiss” Guide

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September 28, 2010

Watch out Mitch-Cam fans, this might be the one we’ve been waiting for. Check out these official spoilers for episode 2 of Modern Family season 2, “The Kiss” (looks to be another awesome one!):

  • When Gloria decides to prepare more traditional Colombian meals, of course she’s met with some good-natured teasing from Jay about another aspect of her culture (but my bet is that he’ll be the one who can’t get enough of her culture this time!).
  • Even the best mom in the world can seem overbearing when you have your eyes on a boy, and Alex is facing this very problem with Claire – and Haley’s advice (advice from Haley?!) isn’t helping matters.
  • Mitchell starts freaking out (again) over the idea of PDA, which leads to a little squabble between him and Cameron.