Modern Family Season 2 Episode 18 “Boys’ Night” Guide

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March 17, 2011


What happens when Jay tries to weasel his way out of yet another “Gloria event”? He ends up on a night out with the guys. Just not his guys.

Check out the spoilers for episode 18 of season 2, “Boys’ Night”:

  • Phil and Claire start to show concern when Luke gets all buddy-buddy with their crotchety old neighbor, Mr. Kleezak.
  • Jay tries to get out of going to a symphony concert with Gloria and Manny but winds up at something way worse – a guys’ night out with Mitch and Cam.
  • And while Mitch and Cam are out, guess who gets the honor of babysitting Lily? Haley!

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  • Allinbaron

    Cameron takes control of the spring musical at Luke and Manny’s school, while Jay’s brother pays him and visit, and Phil tries to get the family to be in his new real estate advertisement….
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