Modern Family Season 2 Episode 10 “Dance Dance Revelation” Guide

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December 7, 2010

I always love episodes revolving around the kids. Like in “Manny Get Your Gun”, the kids always seem to give the adults that bit of much needed perspective. Not to mention they’re just really great little comedians in their own right.

Check out these spoilers for this week’s new Modern Family, “Dance Dance Revelation”:

  • It’s Luke and Manny’s first school dance, which means dads Jay and Phil are assigned a special stressful “mall run” mission to get the boys squared away.
  • Not surprisingly, the moms really get into the “first dance” festivities too – and a gung-ho Claire finds she has to deal with Gloria pitching in with the school dance committee duties.
  • Mitch and Cam freak when they learn little Lily is biting other kids at school.

Source: ABC